Homeschooling Courses

Christian homeschooling families generally align well with our educational setting.  As HRCA continues to grow and build one grade each year, we invite homeschooling families to consider part-time enrollment in our Logic and Rhetoric School classrooms.  We believe that admitting homeschooling students into an “a la carte” course format is a dual blessing to our growing school and to homeschooling families, who are seeking excellent educational opportunities to supplement their teaching needs.

Logic & Rhetoric School Courses:

Refer to our curriculum highlights charts to attain information regarding the courses taught at a given grade level.

Click here for Grades 7-9 (Logic/Dialectic School).

Click here for Grades 10-12 (Rhetoric School).

Please contact our school office to inquire about our current teaching schedule (times and days of week):  919-533-4139 or

Application process:

HRCA is a covenantal school.  All homeschooling families must undergo the same 4-part admissions process as a full-time student applicant.  Our admissions process is designed to ensure that the school’s educational philosophy and a family’s goals are a good match.

Student Application Download from HRCA web site $150 (non-refundable, one-time fee)
Corporation Application Download from HRCA web site $25 – individual/single parent; $50 – family (married)
Academic Screening Scheduled with school office Included
Family Interview Scheduled with school office Included
Registration Fee Acceptance letter mailed by office Seat secured with 1st tuition payment
Tuition Payable in full by June 1 or over 12 months (June 1-May 1) $850 per course

Students are required to abide in a dress code that coordinates with the HRCA uniform code.

Accepted/registered families agree to abide in all HRCA policies and procedures as outlined in the school handbooks and by signing the HRCA Parent Contract.






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