Rhetoric School Curriculum Highlights

Proposed curriculum path for:  RHETORIC SCHOOL (10th-12th)

10th-12th Grade Student Traits:  concerned with present events, especially related to their own lives; idealistic, interested in justice and fairness; moving toward special interests or topics; can synthesize and do more independent work; desires to express feelings, own ideas; concerned with how others view them

Subjects 10th Grade 11th Grade 12th Grade
Bible Bibliology & Hermeneutics (Honors) Understanding the New Testament: Text & Context (Honors) Apologetics (Honors)
History U.S. History (Honors) Great Ideas I – Ancient (Honors) Great Ideas II – Modern (Honors)
Language Latin IV (Honors) Spanish I (Honors) Spanish II (Honors)
Literature American Literature (Honors) Literature of Antiquity & Christendom (Honors) Modern Literature (Honors)
Math Algebra II or IIA (Honors) Algebra IIB or Pre-Calculus (Honors) Economics or Calculus (Honors)
Rhetoric n/a Rhetoric I & Thesis (Honors), Grand Tour – Summer Trip Rhetoric II & Thesis Seminar in Ideas (Honors)
Science Biology (Honors) Chemistry (Honors) Physics or Advanced Physics (Honors)
Physical Education 2 classes/week Elective Elective
Elective (1 in 7th-10th; 2 in 11th-12th) Art, Chorus, Debate, Science Olympiad, Yearbook Art, Chorus, Debate, Science Olympiad, Yearbook Art, Chorus, Debate, Science Olympiad, Yearbook

10th-12th Grade Classical Tools: drama, oral presentations; guided research in major areas with goal of synthesis of ideas; many papers, speeches, debates; give responsibilities, example: working with younger students; in-depth field trips, even overnight; worldview discussions

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