Transitioning from the Homeschool Setting

HRCA believes that Christian parents are responsible for educating their children in a biblical worldview.  This is hard to accomplish in the mainstream educational system.  Many academic institutions are secular in nature.  And some private schools, though structured as faith-based, struggle to fully deliver biblical worldview teaching throughout their curriculum, teaching, policies, communications, and discipline.

HRCA operates “en loco parentis,” that is, on behalf of parents in the education of their children.  Our school is structured as an extension of the Christian home and church.  This closely aligns to the homeschooling approach.  Therefore, we are witnessing homeschooling families who apply to HRCA.  Their reasons may include some of the following circumstances and goals:

  • Advanced subjects – As the homeschooling child gets older, the challenge to teach more specialized subjects becomes harder for parents.
  • Unique subjects – HRCA teaches Logic, Rhetoric, Systematic Theology, Apologetics, and other advanced, academic subjects that are not typically taught in schools or within the homeschooling setting.
  • A Tapestry of Educators – HRCA’s teachers are biblical role models coming from various demographics, backgrounds, education, and careers who unite in teaching classically and through a biblical lens.
  • Social Dynamics – Homeschooling children begin to express a desire for more social opportunities.  Homeschooling parents want to broaden that fellowship, but through Christ-centered programs.
  • Socratic Teaching – Within a small classroom setting, HRCA engages students to discuss, question, and debate topics under the leadership of Christian educators.  Additionally, students are taught how to publicly speak and present.
  • School Culture – HRCA’s school culture embraces a lot of what Christian homeschooling families establish at home.
  • Family Involvement – When a student application is approved, it is viewed as a whole family being accepted.  Parents are invited to participate in the education process through field trips, classroom volunteering, school communications, and more.
  • Access to Art, Science, Language – Homeschooling families typically seek outside assistance for instruction in art, music, science, and language.  HRCA provides these subjects as a regular part of our curriculum throughout the school week.
  • Extracurricular Opportunities – Homeschooling children can participate in afterschool activities led by parents or teachers in the school.

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