Tuition Assistance

Haw River Christian Academy’s Tuition Assistance program exists to make a classical and Christian education accessible for families with limited means, to assist families weathering temporary financial difficulties, and to advance the mission of the school by maximizing enrollment. The Tuition Assistance program is funded by a portion of our annual tuition income, a donation from our summer outreach camps, and any dedicated funds from school supporters.

Basic Requirements

A student must be enrolled at Haw River Christian Academy for the prospective school year in order for an application for Tuition Assistance to be considered.

Existing tuition accounts must be current. Tuition Assistance grants will be revoked if the prior year account is not paid in full before the first day of school.

Haw River Christian Academy uses the FAST system to receive Tuition Assistance applications. The FAST application must be completed and all requested tax forms submitted before an application will be considered. If the tax forms are not immediately available, any award will be contingent upon verification of the tax returns when completed.

Tuition Assistance does not renew automatically and must be applied for each year.

In the case of divorce or separation both parents must complete a FAST application

Tuition Assistance Deadlines

Applications may be submitted at any time, although it is recommended that they be submitted on or before April 1.

The school board begins considering completed applications on April 1 and continues to consider applications until all of the available funds are awarded or all applications have been addressed. Priority is given to applications that are complete by April 1.

Special Circumstances

Appeals. An award determination may be appealed to the Tuition Assistance Committee. An appeal must be in writing and should present new or different information. Written appeals should be made to the headmaster with factual clarity and dispassion.

Withdrawals. Tuition Assistance is accrued to the family account at the same rate as the family receiving tuition pays their portion of the tuition. If a student withdraws from school during the year, or is expelled, all unused portions of the tuition assistance will be retained in or returned to the Tuition Assistance fund.

Change in Financial Circumstances. Parents are expected to try to pay more toward their children’s tuition if their financial situation improves during the year so that more families may be assisted. Therefore, parents must notify the school if the family’s financial condition changes during the year. Failure to comply will affect eligibility for further assistance.

Mid-year Financial Hardship. Funds are reserved for hardship needs that may arise during the course of the school year. If a family experiences a financial disruption mid-year and funds are still available, the application will be considered.

Procedural Information

Strict confidentiality will be maintained throughout the entire application process. This includes information submitted to FAST as well as any communication made directly to the school. Confidentiality extends to all documents submitted, including tax returns and personal financial data.

All all awards are made without regard to race, color, national or ethnic origin.

Apply for Tuition Assistance Today!

Haw River Christian Academy utilizes the services of FAST (Financial Aid for School Tuition) to collect and evaluate Tuition Assistant application information. Please click on the link above to access the FAST website and follow the instructions found there.


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